Aerial Photography, Video and Land Scanning Rates

I work by a simple calculation of time and expenses. Some jobs are close by and require little preparation or travel while others may be quite remote or distant and require considerable preparation and time. I charge for the time it takes to prepare for the project, the time it takes to get to and from location, the time it takes to film and the time it takes to edit and prepare the media based on the deliverable requirements, plus any associated expenses if required.

Image Capture Rates:

  • Local Quick Capture: $250 with 2 hour maximum (includes travel). Typical projects include real estate or business overhead still shots for web & social media or construction progress or process images.
  • Flight Capture Hourly: $115 hr (4 hr minimum). Typical projects include multi-angle real estate and commercial property flyovers with still and video capture.
  • Daily: $850 (8 hours). Typical projects include large, multiple and/or remote location properties.
Post Production Rates
  • Hourly: $115 (no minimum)
  • Daily $850 (8 hours)
Typical post production work may include
  • File Capture & Save
  • Video Editing
  • Image Editing, Cropping, Resizing
  • Media Back Ups and Storage
  • Authored Media Creation
Common types of additional expenses that may apply to any project
  • Permits (local and/or federal)
  • Temporary Property Insurance
  • Equipment Rental
  • External storage media, Flash Drives, Hard Drives etc.