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Posted - 02/10/2017 04:13pm
A drone software firm has hired two execs from Salesforce and NetSuite

DroneDeploy, the San Francisco-based company that provides cloud-based data management services for drones, added two new senior executives today.

Scott Lumish, who previously worked as vice president of global business development at NetSuite, will now serve as vice president of business development at DroneDeploy. The company also brought on Eric Hauser to be the new vice president of engineering. Hauser was the vice president of engineering at Salesforce’s IoT Cloud before joining DroneDeploy.

Drone manufacturers worldwide are finding it hard to compete against China-based DJI, with Parrot and 3D Robotics both moving away from building consumer-end drones altogether.

But when it comes to software for drones, there is no shortage of companies racing to provide aerial data analysis and mapping solutions for the growing commercial services sector, an area that’s seen rapid expansion since the FAA passed its commercial drone rules in August of last year. Many drone companies are saying parts of their business have tripled since the new rules clarifying how commercial operators can legally fly went into effect.

DroneDeploy specializes in analyzing and mapping aerial data captured for agriculture and construction projects. The fact that the company was able to attract two executives with experience with two high-profile tech companies is an indicator that the drone software industry is continuing to look like an attractive prospect to Silicon Valley, even if the hardware side of the equation still feels like a tough nut to crack.

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