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Posted - 05/16/2017 12:12pm
Eight Ways to Use Drone Mapping on the Farm This Season
As one ag industry expert put it, using a drone on the farm is like being able to see your field from a 10,000-foot altitude, but also being able to zoom in to two inches above the plants. Growers are increasingly discovering that drone mapping is an invaluable tool, both for its ease of use, and for its many applications on the farm.

With the growing season fast approaching, this is a list of some of the most popular ways growers are using drones to improve their processes and make informed decisions about their crops.

  • Estimate Yield, Measure Lengths and Areas for Planning Tasks

  • Crop Scout to Detect Parasites and Fungi

  • Compile Plant Counts

  • Analyze Stand Establishment

  • Generate Variable Rate Prescriptions for Nitrogen and Pesticides

  • Assess and Clean-up Damage After a Storm

  • Negotiate Fair Crop Loss Percentages

  • Assess Slope and Drainage After the Harvest

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